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The Piano Lifesaver System

For Piano Climate Control

Through the years, I have installed many Piano Life Saver Systems manufactured by Dampp-Chaser, which controls the climate inside your piano.  As seasons change over the year, so does the relative humidity.

What are the benefits of a Piano Climate Control System?

- Permits the tuning to hold better between tunings;

- Minimizes rust on the string and metal parts;

- Minimizes the expansion and contraction of piano action parts;

- Minimizes felt deterioration;

- Protects the piano's investment value for years.

I wish every piano was equipped with a Piano Life Saver System because of the stability and protection it provides.

The Piano Life Saver System comes with a watering container and humidifier treatment. All you can see is the tiny light display. A convenient watering tube tucks away neatly out of sight.

"When Amy recommended the Piano Life Saver System for my new Yamaha upright, I was initially skeptical and not looking to spend any additional money right after buying a new piano.  However, as it became apparent that this new piano was not staying in tune for more than a month or two at a time, I started to look into the System more.  I calculated that for what I was spending on frequent tunings, I could have had the Life Saver System installed and hopefully decreased my number of tunings.  That is exactly what occurred.  Amy installed the System and I now have my piano tuned twice a year, and it isn't badly out of tune even then.  I add water to the System as needed (varies by season) and Amy does the rest of the maintenance twice a year at the tuning.  I'm enjoying playing on a reliably in-tune piano that is quite stable through the seasons, through the dry winter, humid summer, furnace or air conditioning.  It was definitely worth it."

                        ~Leann, Piano Life Saver System Customer

The Humidistat is calibrated to control a microenvironment within the piano, cycling between the Humidifier and Dehumidifier, as needed.

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