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Safe Piano Storage

      When storing your piano, it is imperative that the storage environment is designed specifically for a piano.  This means that it is not just temperature controlled, but humidity controlled.

      The pianos are stored at the same location as the piano rebuilding shop.  Therefore, there are technicians on site.  Your instrument is not just left in our storage facility, but is checked on at least twice a day, 7 days a week.  We provide the best piano storage in Pittsburgh, featuring a climate controlled environment.

      To minimize water, fire or smoke damage to your piano, remove it to a safe environmental setting.

Will my piano be safe?

Humidity and temperature controlled

Fully Insured

Clean environment

Short and long term lease options

On-site owner/manager

Qualified piano moving available

Safe Piano Storage May Be Required When:

Home remodeling projects create excessive dust and dirt

Refinishing floors

Temporarily relocating

Moving to a new home and the piano room is not ready

Furniture moving companies' storage facilities are inadequate

Your home will be unoccupied for an extended period of time

Settling an estate

Flood damage has created an unsuitable environment

Fire/water damage has altered the humidity in your home

Temperature or humidity changes can not be controlled

Any situation arises where the piano is at risk for damage

Safe Piano Storage Offers:

Storage for all makes, models and sizes - grand and upright

Humidity and temperature regulation to ensure ideal storage conditions

Emergency service in case of environmental crisis

Complete piano rebuilding and repair shop on site

Regular inspection by a registered piano technician

Expert piano moving for Safe Piano Storage customers

Piano tuning in the home after delivery

Flexible short & long term lease options

Fully insured service

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